Which is best, a pole tent or a frame tent?

Wondering which is the best tent type for your next event?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in the tent business is “what is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent.” Making the decision on whether purchasing a pole tent or frame tent for your business is very important.  On this blog, you can find useful information to help you decide which tent suits you best.

The difference between  pole tents & frame tents

The difference is found in their names. Pole tents are supported by large poles in the center of the shelter that help support the tent top, creating then the swoop-effect like. Due to the poles presence, you might find some limitations on how you can set-up your tables, chairs, dance floor, etc. On the other hand, frame tents are supported by a frame of aluminum poles. This structure eliminates the need for poles in the center of the fabric, resulting in large open space for you can better organize your layout.

40x120 pole tent

Pole Tent

closed frame tent

Closed Frame Rent


You may notice then that having poles in the center of the tent restrict your design. When thinking about your table placement and dance floor or stage placement, you have to keep in mind the space that poles take-up. This consideration can sometimes make the event layout process more difficult for people. While frame tents lack obstructing poles giving you no restrictions in regards to space inside the tent.

However, pole tents are more popular due to their classic “tent” look. The tall spires and swoops pole tents create is aesthetically pleasing to many brides and event planners. Another benefit to pole tents is their cost. Pole tents are often less expensive than frame tents because they require less workforce to assemble. So, a pole tent could be the best option for you in a case of budget limitations. Check out the pros and cons of each kind of tent:



Pole Tents


-Economical to purchase

-Easy to install and to transport

-Casual atmosphere

-Withstand high wind-loads

-Requires a larger footprint

-Staking is critical

-Inside views may be obstructed by center poles

Frame Tents


-No center poles or obstructions

-Flexible layout means better floor plan options


-Aesthetically pleasing

-More parts and components

-Possible transportation issues

-Less weather resistance

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30x50 pole tent

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