Take your event tent from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Make your event tent stand out from the crowd

Party & event tents come in many shapes and sizes and help you cover your guests and belongings as they provide shelter from the weather and insects. Moreover, shelters provide warmth for winter evenings and enough space for ample and comfortable seating. But, you can still enhance your tent for a better experience and an awesome looking event.

6 Ways to enhance your party tent

Tents add a distinctive, welcoming touch to an outdoor activity. Customize your special event by considering add-on features that will take your event tent from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

1. Choose a bold color tent40x100 pole tent

You don’t have to go necessarily with plain shades. Consider getting a tent with colors. Options include solid colors and stripes.

2. Get a tent with sidewalls

Use tent sidewalls to shield guests from unfavorable weather and most insects. Many tents are available with sidewalls, sometimes sold as tent accessories, and these can match the top fabric or the overall form of the shade structure. There are three main sidewalls styles: solid walls, mesh and those with transparent windows.

3. Set the mood with lighting

parties2The correct lighting can really set the mood for a special event. If you want to give the tent a professional and elegant appearance, perimeter lights are a popular choice. Lights can really change the atmosphere and make the venue look considerably more beautiful. Chandeliers can also be hung inside the tent. Another great idea is getting spot lighting, often used with a colored gel filter to create warmth or dramatic effects.

4. Choose unique decor

First things first, choose the theme. Then, make sure to know exactly which guests are going to attend. Then, tailor the decorations to their expectations.

5. Use tent heaters or  A/C

If you do add the sidewalls, you can keep guests comfortable by renting heaters, fans, and air conditioners, regardless of the weather conditions. This won’t be as easy if you want the open tent.

6. Get a fancy floor

Consider adding flooring under your cover. Flooring options go from an overall wooden floor, to dance floors, to stage or ramps. Tent flooring can be used for walkways and will help keep guests’ feet dry, avoid grass stains and prevent falls on uneven grounds. Plus, women hate it when their fancy heels sink in the grass, even if you have a perfect lawn.

open Aztec frame tent

Special outdoor events in Denver should be memorable for all the RIGHT reasons. Follow the above tips to make your party tent stand out from the crowd.