How to keep your event tent looking brand new

Keeping tents in top condition

You’ve got your tent. Now what? Event tents are a great investment for your business. Although outdoor event tents are made to be waterproof and durable, they can still deteriorate if you don’t give them the correct maintenance. The good news is tent care products can help you keep tents looking brand new.

Top 3 Tent Care Products

A little care is all that your event tent needs. Treated well, a quality tent should deliver many years of faithful service.

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Repair and patch kits

Repair and patch kits

Even well-made tent tops and sidewalls can get small tears. That doesn’t mean you have to replace them immediately. Repair kits, also known as patch or splice kits, allow you to fix minor damage. They usually include several pieces of tent material, an adhesive and instructions.The brand is the most important thing to consider when purchasing these type of kits. If you buy a kit from a manufacturer other than the one that made your tent, there’s a good chance the included patch material won’t match your canvas or material, even if it is listed as the same color. In fact, some companies will produce separate kits for different models, so if you don’t see one for your tent, it’s a good practice to ask about compatibility before ordering.

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Products to care for your tents


Your tent’s maintenance needs are going to vary depending on the materials and fabrics. Ideally tops and sidewalls require regular cleaning. It’s not mandatory to use products made specifically for tents, but it’s crucial that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use only cleaners appropriate for your tent’s fabric. Some canopy companies offer their own lines of cleaners and protectants.

Storage and carry bags

Although many party canopies come with these, if the model you’re interested in doesn’t, you may want to consider investing in one. Storage and carry bags make transportation safer, more convenient; as it is easier to keep all parts protected when they’re not in use. There are quite a few kinds, from soft models with ties to hard-shelled with wheels. Note that pop-ups generally use storage bags that aren’t suitable for pole, frame, or tension tents. Make sure that you look for a bag specifically designed by type and size.

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Keep your tents in pristine condition

We know that maintaining a tent and keeping it in pristine condition can sometimes be tedious. In many instances, party tent owners end up with a sad-looking thing that has seen better days. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Contact us if you have more questions about tent care products and accessories. Our expert team who can advise on the proper tent cleaners for your needs.