Tips to hosting a perfect event under a tent

Planning your next event under a tent?

Event planning is a whole deal, and can sometimes be challenging when it comes to deciding which tent to get. For this reason, we have brought you today some tips that may help you with this task.

Tips to hosting a flawless event under a tent

  1. Type of activity: The activity’s nature is crucial to determine the tent you will need. Consider what type of event you are planning, the style of seating, the activities to take place under the tent, the area of space we have to work with, the grade or slope of the installation site, and several other items that you may not have anticipated. You can order a custom tent for optimum results.
  2. Ask the experts: Do not make assumptions that your tent will be big enough without consulting with the professionals. Experts can guide and recommend – based on vast experience – the size of tent you will need. Take into account room for anything else that could require extra space under your tent, for example, buffet area or bar services area. Remember that every event is unique, and there is no quick fix to estimating a tent size until you know everything that is going underneath it.
  3. Measure the area: Measuring the area in which you want to put the tent is a must for a successful event. It is important to add 10 feet to the dimensions when staking is needed. (This means that if you want a 20’ x 40’ tent then you need an area that is at least 30’ x 50’).
  4. Check the land: If your event will take place at your house’s backyard, choose a spot that is reasonably elevated and level, and the ground is not prone to turn to mush if it rains. Or, check the area after a rainstorm and take note what spots remain the driest. If the ground you need to work with is on a slope, you can arrange for a stage to be set up to accommodate the party tent. Anything more than a 10-degree slope would not be safe for your guests. And last but not least, make sure that there are no low-lying cables and trees within 25 feet of air space.
  5. Tent safety and guest security: Depending on where you’re holding your event, you may have to use a particular method to secure your tent, or else the wind could carry it away from you and your guests. While tents can be staked into the ground, tents on concrete patios may need to be tethered with concrete blocks. And, in the event of an emergency, you should know how to properly evacuate a tent and tear down tables and chairs quickly.

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