Event Tents for Winter Holiday Events in Denver

Did you think that event tents were just for the Summer? Think again!

Though that is the most logic and common assumption, the fact is that Event Tents can be used year round, even in wintertime! And they look especially beautiful in the cold weather too! A tent is an excellent way to make the most of your outdoor space, even if it is cold outside. There are, however, certain factors to keep in mind to determine if a tent will work for your type of event and location:

tent structures

The setup surface

For a winter events in Denver, an event tent can help to dispel some of the cold and wind, but this also means that the surface where the tent will be set up needs to be suitable. A clear (unfrozen) patch of earth or lawn or a concrete floor will have better chances of being able to put a tent there.

Weather conditions

While a tent is a great option for keeping the wind and snow off of your guests, it will not protect them adequately from a blizzard. Our tents are tough, but if we are expecting a real heavy snowfall, the tent might not be able to be set up at all.

If the temperature is real low, you can also rent tent heaters to make sure there’s enough warmth in your tent so that your guests don’t freeze. Most tent materials will hold the heat inside, so you may even need to vent some of the heat once the party gets going!

open frame tent

Types of winter events suited for a tent

A winter wedding is a great way to take advantage of a tent, especially if you have a large guest list and cannot find a venue that will fit all of them. An event tent provides flexibility and control for the bride and groom, as they can have control over how large of a tent they want, where it will be placed (as long as the surface is suitable), and how it is decorated. And the biggest advantage is the novelty of having an outdoor event during the coldest months of the year!! But event tents are not limited to winter weddings, you could also have your company’s Holiday Party for customers or employees, a family reunion, charity and fundraising events, etc.!

The type of tent depends on your event and the location where you are thinking of setting it up. Frame tents in Denver can be used on hard or soft ground, as their set up does not depend on support structures that are pounded into the ground. However, a pole tent is probably a better option if the ground is soft enough for a pole, given that the pole provides more stability to the tent, an important factor to consider if you are expecting some wind or even a little bit of snow.

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If your are not sure if an event tent is right for your event’s location or which size to choose, contact us so we can guide you through all the technical details and figure out the best option for you.

100x100 pole tent

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