Event tent supporting structure materials

 Get to know the tent supporting structure materials

Event tents can endure winds and external elements if they are built with high-strength materials suitable for the environment in which they are going to be used. Resistant, fabric-like coverings are necessary, but the real strength in an event tent comes from its supporting structure: the frame and the poles. To ensure a more enjoyable event or party experience, analyze how and where you will use your tent before buying one.

Frame and pole construction materials

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Frame tent

There are two main types of frame and pole construction materials available in the market: Anodized aluminum and galvanized steel. They differ in their weight and strength.

Anodized aluminum is more likely to bend than steel, so aluminum framed party tents are not as strong as steel-framed tents, although they are more lightweight. For this reason, they are easy to transport which makes them ideal for small pop-up tents. Still, there are various grades of aluminum alloys that change the tube’s weight. The grade of aluminum poles indicates how robust the poles are likely to be. Aluminum alloys, in which aluminum is the principal metal, come in grades, from 1000 series through 9000 series. You will find that many event tent manufacturers use tent poles made from 6000 or 7000 series aluminum alloys.

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Galvanized steel tubling structure

Galvanized steel: steel is significantly heavier than aluminum. Steel tent poles create a rigid skeleton that stands up to high winds. So, if you are going to be using your canopy in windy conditions steel poles are very convenient, but inconvenient if your primary concern is portability.  Steel framed party tents are ideal for larger sized tents because they are stronger and less likely to bend than aluminum. Note that steel frames tend to be more expensive than aluminum frames. If choosing a steel frame, it is highly recommended to ensure the steel has an anti-corrosion coating.

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Both aluminum and steel corrode. Nevertheless, when steel deteriorates it creates damaging rust whereas aluminum forms aluminum oxide, a hard substance that helps prevent further corrosion. For this reason, steel tent poles and frames are usually treated to prevent rust, yet that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never have any problems. And so it is important to be observant and provide adequate maintenance to your tents.

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Construction quality is something all buyers should consider when buying an event tent, whether it is a set of small tents, or a large tent to hold hundreds of people. So, if you need expert advice on manufacturing of high-quality  shade structures in Denver for industry, business, residential, and recreational use, keep informed in our blog to find out more details about event tents.