Event tent accessories: Tent doors & windows

Transform a traditional event tent into an elegant shelter

In a recent blog, we have gone over one of the most important tent accessories for protecting your guests and equipment from environmental elements. Today, we will talk about two more tent pieces that can add some flair and protection to your next tented activity: Tent doors & windows.

Why should you choose to add a door to your event tent?

Doors allow you to better control the interior climate of tents and structures, adding refinement to any venue. Plus, they provide a formal and more obvious entry and exit way to your event.

Tent doors are usually available in 3 styles:

  • French: Add these one-of-a-kind doors to the entrance of an event and your attendees will know they are in for a special treat even before they enter the tent.

Tent doors for all types of events

  • Solid: Our solid door offering is made from a durable fiberglass construction resistant to chips and dents. It comes with all-weather stainless steel hardware and fittings, framing brackets, and a powder-coated steel frame.
  • Clear: A clear tent door is the most effectivelets your guests know where to enter the tent.

Typically, all door styles consist of a complete metal frame, including metal handles for a sleek look. Special fittings on the door frame allow for simple installation after the tent has been erected. Choose to add a specialty door when choosing the right tent for your next event and open the door to a successful evening!

How can you take your event tent from simple shelter to stunning venue? Add tent window sidewalls!

Cathedral Windows allow for both privacy and visibility as needed. Plus, they allow natural light to enter the tent. Additionally, they provide an elegant look to your outdoor event. These accessories are made for Frame, High Peak, Rope & Pole and Century Tents.

Both doors and windows make a great addition to any tent. Not only do they look great, but they serve a great purpose too.

Whether your goal is to add further efficiency to heating or cooling your tent or just to impress your guests with something they don’t see very often, tent doors & windows are the way to go.

What are you waiting for? Transform a traditional event tent into an elegant shelter with Tent doors & windows!

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