Dress up your party tent for a special event

Enhance your tent for your next event

You have decided that your special event will be tented, and you want to have everything kicked-up to look exceptionally beautiful. Adding tent accessories such as tent pole covers will do the task for you. Tent pole covers soften the look of tent poles and tubing creating an elegant feeling. You will have appealing entrances that provide another separation from the outside to the enchanted interior of the event. To provide some extra protection from the elements, you can opt for Sidewalls. Let’s take a look to some of the tent accessories to dress up your setup.

Accessories for your tent

Tent Liners

The liners or ceiling liners will add a finishing touch of sophistication and elegance to any event. So, if you have a nice budget and are looking to transform your tent, ceiling liners are the way to go. They cover the top of the tent (inside), starting at the peak and swooping outwards towards each side that is a stylish way to hide unsightly framework or just soften the atmosphere with soft fabric.best event tents and custom sewing in Colorado

Leg Drapes

Leg Drapes are one simple and inexpensive option to add to your tent. They are made to disguise the silver poles (“legs”) of the tent. Plus, you can find them in many colors and materials, though ivory and white are the most popular. You can change the color or material to match your theme.

Pole Covers

Pole covers are a cost-effective way to soften and hide tent poles and braces. They are a convenient addition to your tent decor lineup.

Sidewalls & Backdropsclosed frame tent

Sidewalls, also known as tent curtains, hang from the eaves of the tent and provide additional protection from the elements. Tent sidewalls can be customized to match the top of the shelter or the overall form of your structure. There are many options where you can choose from that include Cathedral Sidewalls, Cross Cable Tent Sidewalls, Pole & Frame Tent Sidewalls, and Pop-Up Canopy Sidewalls. Plus, custom branding or digital paintings are available on most tent walls.

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