Denver Covers Is All about Customization

Let’s face it no matter how much planning goes into outdoor events, the weather plays a vital roll on the outcome of it all. Take advantage of the Spring Outdoor Event Ideas,outdoors and all its beauty by providing the perfect haven.

At Denver Covers we are constantly creating new and innovative custom sewing products from all shapes, sizes and forms for residential, commercial and industrial needs. With the ability of our machine operators to manufacture just about any custom sewing product you can imagine and our partnership with Denver Tent Company, we are the best solution for your custom sewing needs in Colorado. We have a strong belief that you should only pay for a high quality, durable, custom sewing product, so we only use the best sewing materials and top of the line technology which allows us to deliver the best custom sewing articles in Denver. When you purchase a custom sewing product from us, you will get a unique product made specially for you and to fit your residential, commercial and industrial requirements exactly how you need them. We create bags, covers, traps, curtains, windscreens, pool covers, and any other custom sewing accessory you want.

We Create the Best Custom Sewing Products in Colorado

get the best custom tents for outdoor events

Denver Covers was born of a need from customers like you that required high-quality custom sewing products. We have partnered with Denver Tent Company to make available event tents, custom sewing and shade structures to mention a few products. The Denver Tent Company had moved away from Event Tents and Custom work, this is where Denver Covers comes in. We saw the need and formed Denver Covers to pass on the tradition of quality and workmanship for products that Denver Tent no longer had available.

Contact us at Phone Number: 720-374-9000, or write to us at the email: We are located in 5005 Ironton St, Denver, CO 80239. Our professional sales staff is standing by and willing to answer all your questions and concerns to help you make a smart buy with us!