Break out of that office atmosphere with an event tent

Tented corporate celebrations

A tent not only solves your corporate outdoor event challenges, but you can add company pride decorations, furnish it with chairs and tables for people to sit and feel comfortable throughout the venue.

Why tented corporate events are more fun

A corporate event is a time for people to get to know each other beyond the job title. So, why not make it extra special? Here are 4 reasons why corporate events are more fun under a tent.

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1. Shift the atmosphereDenver Covers

Help your employees break away from work-related stress and responsibilities by breaking them out of the office atmosphere altogether. An event tent is a perfect retreat because it takes them outside and away from anything that resembles “work.” Even better, you don’t have to go far! A shelter outside your office can still create an “escape” your collaborators will enjoy.

2. More freedom to mingling

Undeniably, a party tent provides flexible space for guests to mingle in small groups and spread out as they wish. Guests can overflow outside the tent into the lawn. So if they want to spend the night grooving away on the dance floor, they can, or if they want to have quiet conversations in a secluded space, a tent can also provide this.

3. The special occasion feelingDenver Covers

You put a lot of effort into transforming any space for your office to feel unique, yet there will still be elements that feel just as they do during the work day. A party tent provides the ultimate venue change because it takes you outside the confines of your office walls – and outside the limits of any walls comes the feeling that something special is going on!

4. The fun symbol

Tents are a symbol that something fun is taking place – because they are a part of family vacations, parties, festivals, circuses and concerts – and they welcome you inside to join in. If we see one, even from afar, we know there’s a celebration taking place and we want to be a part of it!

Think how much more fun this experience would be for your employees! An afar, high-peak, white tent bustling with music and energy looks like a party everyone wants to attend.

To make a corporate event feel less “corporate,” you need to switch up the venue. So, think outside the box and use a tent for your next corporate event in Denver!

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