All you need to know about tent weights

What is a tent weight?

As the name suggests, a tent weight is an accessory that keeps a tent from flying away. This item represents a suitable solution when staking is not possible.Tension tent 2

Types of tent weights

Canopy or pop-up tent weights can be used in any situation and on any surface. While they can be heavier to transport, demand more time when installing, and take up more space when packed than tent anchors, they are the perfect solution for outdoor use on hard surfaces. Weights can either be suspended from the top corners of your outdoor canopy or secured to the base of each leg. You can also find fillable weights that may be emptied and filled with sand and water. Others consist of cement plates, which are secured to the base of your tent leg and require no filling.

Tent safety tips

It is surprising how a small amount of wind can send a tent sailing across the street or backyard. By following some simple tips, you will ensure your shelter does not fly away or injure someone at the event.Tent weights

  1. Don’t use water barrels: We want our customers to learn about the safest and efficient tents out there. Tent manufacturers do not condone the usage
    of water barrels because a shade structure will not remain standing if held by barrels. Also, avoid using larger water jugs that do not have handles molded as part of the body. Concrete blocks cannot be secured adequately to canopy legs and do not weigh enough.
  2. Follow IFAI staking guidelines: We recommend following the Industrial Fabric Association International (IFAI) staking guidelines for anchoring a tent safely.
  3. Correct anchoring: proper anchoring is achieved by fastening guys (ropes, webs, cables) or using a ratchet buckle system. Tie the tent at the top of the side pole or frame and link the other end to stake anchors. You can use large bags and fill them completely.
  4. Tent weight sandbags: These are safe ways to weigh down your tents.
  5. Use reliable products: While you can build your own, there are weights made by specialized companies and these are the most reliable. Plus, it will be easier to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and it will look better than DIY options.

Keep in mind that tents can be weighed down in several ways. But do consider adding weight to the tent to keep it in place.

Securing your tent is vital for a successful outdoor event. Unless the tent is correctly anchored to the ground on which it sits, you can risk losing your investment and jeopardizing your guest’s safety. Stay tuned for more information on this topic.

Happy Holidays!