Safety Tips for Successful Spring Events Pt.1

Windy Denver Springs

Outdoor Spring EventWindy Springs with highly changeable weather, an occasional blizzard, significant temperature variations, the possibility of soaking rain or unpredictable wet snow in Denver, help nurture the grasslands but can also ruin your outdoor events. Sound familiar? Of course, that’s Spring weather. Our safety tips for outdoor spring events in Denver and keeping everyone safe under a tent can help you plan and adapt in the best way possible.

Wind Loads on Tents

If you own event tents as part of your business, you need to know and fully understand the effect of the wind on the safe operation of your tent equipment. Every year, we hear of people being injured, and even killed, by the unsafe use of tents in severe weather conditions. Not only are these devastating personal tragedies but without wanting to sound cold hearted, it also carries loads of the negative business consequences, even if you have insurance. Unfortunate events bring a higher level of scrutiny, oversight and bureaucracy to the entire tent industry. With basic knowledge and some good practices, nearly all such incidents can be avoided.

Get Out!

The first rule of safe tenting is that tents are not safe shelters in high wind conditions. If the wind gets nasty, get out and if ever in doubt, you can move the party indoors to a more secure location like a permanent structure.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Tent’s Engineering

High-quality tents sold by reputable manufacturers should be able to provide you engineering specs. Study the tent’s documents and ask questions until you fully understand what wind-speed your shelter can safely withstand and how to anchor your tent correctly. Both of these can change considerably depending on the structural components used by your manufacturer as well as the specific shape, size, and style of your particular tent.

open pole tent

Become an Expert on Anchoring

Make driving and pulling stakes part of your business expertise and find ways to get better and more efficient at it. As proper anchoring of engineered tents is the best possible defense against violent weather. So you need a team of people who know their stuff when it comes to event setup and tear down.

Safety for all tent users is the ultimate goal.

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