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Welcome to Denver Covers! We provide quality shade structures and other related items for both commercial and industrial businesses around Kansas City Colorado. We manufacture sewing products such bags, covers, tarps, curtains, wind screens, and more. Our parent company–Denver Tent–has been sewing custom products since 1890, so we have the expertise to deliver the best quality around. Denver Covers was born from a need of our customers to have custom sewing for all of their needs. We will continue creating custom products in Colorado, made by real people who custom cut, sew and assemble each of our products.

It's all about Custom Sewing

Denver Covers is all about customization. We love to create new things for our customers and help them find solutions for their custom sewing needs. Our handmade sewing products have all shapes, sizes and forms, and our machine operators have the ability to customize anything you need for your residential, commercial or industrial needs. Our partnership with Denver Tent Company allows us to create the most amazing custom sewing products in Colorado, combining top of the line technology, experience and quality. Every single member of our team loves what they do and that passion is what allows us to deliver the most exceptional custom sewing products on the market. We believe that customers should never pay for a bad quality product so we create all of our sewing articles with the best materials, allowing you to get higher quality sewing products for your money and to avoid wasting valuable dollars and time.

Our Customers Deserve the Best

We also believe that our customers deserve the best care, and we strive to provide all the advice you need to make the smartest buy possible. Our sales representatives have been well trained to assist you by answering any questions you have, and our machine operators have at least 20 years of experience to ensure you that your custom sewing manufacturing process is in good hands. One of the best things about getting your custom made sewing products from Denver Covers, is that we have manufactured each one of them with the highest technology and design them to be useful during all seasons of the year. If you already have an idea of what you want, but are not sure if it is going to work, just bring your sketch in or talk to one of our professionals. Purchasing sewing products that are made especially for you ensures they fit all of your needs and preferences.

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We create bags, covers, traps, curtains, windscreens, pool covers, and anything else you require. Browse our Event Tent selection, take a look at some of our custom sewing projects, and Shade Structures. Visit our warehouse in Denver, Colorado, and discover a whole new world of custom sewing accessories. Our address is: 5005 Ironton St, Denver, CO 80239. We always aim to exceed our customers expectations and deliver the best custom sewing products in the world.