Denver Covers provides Quality Dallas

If you are looking for custom fabric sewing, covers, tarps, curtains, wind screens or any other customized sewing products for your residential, commercial or industrial project around Dallas Colorado, we have everything you might need right here at Denver Covers. Our company is new in the market but not in experience; we are the result of a partnership with Denver Covers who has been in business since 1890 fabricating premium custom made tents and other outdoor products. After many successful years in business Denver Tents have decided to move away from event tents and custom sewing products in general and dedicate them selves to fabricating customized canvas tents to the Colorado community. Due to this decision Denver Covers was born with the purpose to fulfill our customers to all of their custom sewing needs.

Weather Resistant Products

Our customized sewing products are made to resist all kind of weather conditions and have been previously tested by our machine operators who have on average 25 years plus of experience in producing handmade custom products. Besides our highly capable machine operators we have gathered the best sales representatives in Denver who will give you all the advice and knowledge that they have to help you make the best purchase for your budget and needs. If you add that to our outstanding, trusted and unparalleled customer service and our competitive prices in the market you are getting a high quality custom sewing product with great customer service and a great price. What a good deal!

We are Simply the Best

Every human being is unique with its own tastes and needs and we understand that so we fabricate custom sewing products exactly how our customers want them and to fulfill all of their necessities. That is why we manufacture all of our products with real people who custom cut, sew and assemble all of our sewing products. With our partnership with Denver Tent gathering more than 125 years of experience and our wonderful sales and operational staff we have plenty of reasons to show you why Denver Covers is the best custom sewing company in Denver, Colorado.

Get started today

Contact us today to get a free estimate of your custom made sewing accessories and get a supreme custom product for the best price. Browse our Event Tent selection, take a look at some of our custom sewing projects, and Shade Structures. We have all the knowledge, experience, technology and quality to create the best custom made sewing articles for any application you might need. No matter if it’s a sunny day or a cold rainy night; our products are made to resist all weather conditions and last many years. Denver Covers: Quality and passion at your service!