Welcome to Denver Covers! Providing Event Tents & Custom Sewing.

We provide quality custom covers and other related items for both commercial and private businesses around Albuquerque Colorado. Our parent company–Denver Tent–has been sewing custom products since 1890, so we have the expertise to deliver the best quality around. Denver Covers was born from a need of our customers to have custom sewing for all of their needs. We will continue creating custom products in Colorado, made by real people who custom cut, sew and assemble each of our products.

Quality Custom Products at Competitive Price Points

Our main focus is to deliver a high quality handmade product with the highest standards of customer service to every single one of the customers who hire us. We are constantly seeking new ways of improving our custom made products, and to provide the best service to try to exceed customer’s expectations by offering exceptional quality, trusted advisory and unparalleled customer service at competitive pricing for everyone.  

We've been Around the Block

We saw the need to create Denver Covers after 125 years of successfully creating and designing custom tents and sewing products that blend perfectly with Mother Nature, while providing our customers with the protection and comfort they require for their different needs. We have many years of sewing experience and have been to the highest mountains and the deepest valleys, so we know what to expect and which materials to use when creating our custom outdoor products.

We encourage you to invest in a handmade sewing product from the superior Colorado sewing line. Make a very smart buy by choosing  a sewing product that will last for many years, manufactured with high quality materials. Our inventory includes sewing products for all types of industrial, commercial and residential equipment for any occasion and purpose.

High quality custom sewing products demand is growing very fast in Colorado. It is time that you join our many customers that already have their Denver Covers sewing products and enjoy the advantages of a long lasting, high quality handmade product. When it comes to custom sewing products, we are simply the best!

Browse our Offerings & Contact us Today

Our warehouse is located in Denver, Colorado. Feel free to visit us or give us a call and speak to one of our team representatives about your custom needs. Browse our Event Tent selection, take a look at some of our custom sewing projects, and Shade Structures. We have all the knowledge, experience, technology and quality to create the best custom made sewing articles for any application you might need. No matter if it’s a sunny day or a cold rainy night; our products are made to resist all weather conditions and last many years.