Planning a winter event under a tent

Can you use a tent in cold weather?

Most people think of buying an event tent just for summer or spring activities. In fact, Frame tents and Pole tents can be used all year round and can be a distinctive way to hold winter corporate events, festivals or Christmas celebrations, and entertain your guests in a unique ambient. So, the answer is, YES. You can use a tent for a winter outdoor activity. Let’s take a look at some things to consider for throwing an unforgettable Holiday Season event.

The surfaceBest tension tents in Denver

You may need to consider snow removal before the tent installation. And, if possible, get an elevated floor to keep your feet off the frozen ground.

The tent

Use winter shelters with quality sidewalls that are properly secured at the top and the bottom. As a result, less cold air will blow in, and the heat won’t easily escape the tent.

Heating options for tentstent structures

You can rent heaters for your tent so you can create a warm atmosphere on its inside. Don’t worry about the heat as most tent materials will hold the heat inside, instead of letting it slip out through the porous fabric. We recommend cranking up the heat before the guests arrive. Plus, you can also place patio or mushroom heaters – if possible – outside near the venue’s entrance or an outer corner of your event’s location where your guests might be mingling.

Is a frame or pole tent better for the winter?

The event type and the location where you are thinking about setting up the tent will determine which structure is better for you. A frame tent set up does not depend on support structures that are pounded into the ground so that they can be used on a hard or soft surfaces. While a pole tent, will be a better option if the ground is soft enough for a pole. The pole structure provides more stability to the tent than a frame base, which is ideal for withstanding winds or even a little bit of snow.

Keep the winter wonderland outside while keeping your guests warm and cozy inside your tent. Don’t let the cold dampen your year-end plans for a memorable outdoor winter event.

Happy Holidays!