Most Common Tent Top Fabrics

Selecting the Best Fabric for Your Tent Structure

In the past, the tent was built using a simple sheet of fabric like cotton hung with rudimentary poles. But, tents have come a long way from then; they now incorporate many elements such as frames, cap poles, tent weights, sidewalls, and many accessories. Also, they are made out of a wide range of fabrics. Several types include top vinyl laminated, polyester, nylon, polypropylene mesh, and vinyl coated mesh fabrics.

Tent Top Fabrics in Denver

Today’s tent fabrics are synthetic, which offer a stronger structure that is easier to maintain and aesthetically more pleasing than muslin. Fabric options include coated, composite, and laminated fabrics using various coatings and films, and fabric substrates. Your choice will be dictated by the kind of event tent you select. In some instances, you may not have any choice for the tent top material. Here are the three common types of fabrics available on the market:


Outdoor tent top fabric polyesterPolyester is a woven material that is both water-resistant and durable. Water-resistant coating is applied to the material so tent’s top will keep water at bay for a reasonable amount of time. There are many types of polyester, and each fabric’s overall strength depends on its thickness, which is determined by looking at its denier. The higher the fabric’s denier, the stronger it is going to be. Keep in mind that a top with a higher denier will also be heavier, so if you are looking to maximize portability, a thinner top may be your best option. Polyester is the least expensive material used to make party canopy tops, and most commonly used with pop-up tents, though occasionally you will see it offered for pole and frame tents.

VinylOutdoor tent top fabric vinyl

Vinyl tops are made of polyester that has been given a vinyl coating. It is traditionally seen on large commercial canopies due to its waterproof characteristics. If you are planning to buy a pole, frame, or tension tent, this is probably going to be the only top available. Many manufacturers prefer vinyl because this material provides better UV protection and weather resistance than standard polyester tops. Plus, they easy to clean, and most of them have been certified flame-resistant. However, keep in mind that vinyl can be quite heavy, and, it is also more expensive than other materials such as polyethylene and nylon.

Polyester and Vinyl Composite

The composite fabric provides the best qualities of polyester and vinyl. This option is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.Outdoor tent top fabric composite polyester & vinyl

Beware that no Premier Tents Canopy products are constructed of nylon.

Selecting the wrong fabric for your structure can put a damper on your festivities. All over Denver, you will find many options for buying tents, along with custom tents and custom-sewn products. An expert team of Denver Covers professionals can advise on the proper tent fabric for your outdoor needs.

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