Make your business shine with a custom event tent

Event tents mean business

Whether you’re bulk buying event tents or looking to set up a tradeshow, buying an event tent that suits your needs means you can look forward to the best return on your investment. Throwing your next event under a tent roof can help you attract new clients. And more clients means more revenue for your company.

Choosing the correct event tent for your needs

An event tent allows you to entertain your guests, build relationships with your staff and demonstrate new products and services in the most atmospheric and welcoming setting. The combination of practical, versatile and eye-catching event tents and the experience of a professional team, are crucial to ensure that business event delivers added impact. So, when you’re going to use your tent for any purpose, it’s essential to find what perfectly matches your needs. You will find many types of event tents, shapes, sizes, structures and more. Here are some of the most common tent types:

Pole-supported tent

A kind of tent features a set of individual poles arranged beneath the fabric roof to support and define the shape of the shade structure. The fabric roof is tensioned over the poles and attached to ropes or cables at designated spots around the fabric’s edges. With the help of anchors, stakes, augers or weights around the perimeter of the tent, the ropes and cables are anchored to the ground. Use pole-supported tent for parties, receptions, and large-scale corporate gatherings.

20x30 ohenry

Pole-supported tent: Triple 20×30 Ohenry tent,

frame tent

Closed frame tent








Pipe frame-supported-tent

A tent with an assembled framework made of aluminum or steel tubes that supports the fabric roof and defines the shape of the shade structure. The rigid skeleton allows the tent to be free-standing without additional support but requires the same rope and cable anchoring system as a pole-supported tent to hold it in place. Plus, it has an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allow for maximum use of interior space. And it is a very popular for events that require smaller tents.

Tensile Tent

A type of shelter that shares some characteristics with the pole-supported tent, but which relies more on the tensioning of the fabric roof for its structural integrity and shape. Because the fabric is tensioned to resist applied loads and mold the fabric membrane, less of a traditional support structure is needed to maintain it. Tension tents feature high, sculpted peaks, and combined elegance and durability, great for fancier outdoor events.

frame tent in the backyard

Clearspan tent

tension tent

Large tension tent








Make your business shine with custom event tent

Custom Pop Up tent in Denver

Custom Pop Up Tent

Customize your tent for better results

 Personalize your tents with unique graphics for better results. Custom printed pop-up and canopies are perfect for attracting more revenue to your company.