Looking for Spring Outdoor Event Ideas?

Top Quality Party Tents for Your Next Spring Event

Spring is around the corner in Denver. It is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes full of flowers and new life. Take advantage of the season’s positive energy to have a memorable outdoor event under a top notch tent. Quality party tents make excellent reception areas and are design to stand Denver’s inclement weather and serve as temporary shelters.

High-Quality Tents

Tired of tents that last for one or two outings? Are you looking for a solid party tent, one that will stand up to the rigors of your activity? You can stop looking. At Denver Covers, you can find one of the top-quality brand of tents: Ohenry tents.

Ohenry 20x30s

Ohenry tents

Ohenry is a leading party tent manufacturer for the party tent industry who builds commercial tents designed specifically for the tent and party tent industry. When you get an Ohenry tent, you will be investing in a commercial tent designed to endure the test of time. Plus, these tents are made with top quality American made vinyl.

Ohenry party tents are ideal for outdoor events. They manufacture three different basic types of party tents: High peaks tents, frame tents and large pole tents. Each party tent type is designed for a specific use which defines the need for that particular type of party tent.  They are available in a broad range of sizes.

High peaks tents

These tents feature high, sculpted peaks and engineering to meet 90 mph wind loads, the tension tent will withstand the elements and will look great doing it. Quality welded seams, and vinyl-covered webbing reinforces the graceful contours of the fabric, creating a smooth, tight surface that helps redirect the wind over and around the tent – not into it. It’s not often you can get an event tent with all the elegance and durability in the same package. But with our Denver Covers, you can!

Frame tentsOhenry 60x180 tent

Frame tents do not need center poles, so they provide an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allow for maximum use of interior space. Aluminum pipes are used to support the tent fabric. Their versatility and size make them perfect for 100 to 200-person events, catering gatherings, street fairs and sporting events.

Large pole tents

Pole tents are supported by large poles in the center that help support the tent top, creating the swoop-like effect. They are extremely portable, making them an ideal choice for those who have need of a party tent or festival tent but have limited means of transportation. It is possible to fit all the components of a 60×90 pole tent in a standard 3/4 ton pickup bed.


Ohenry 60x180 tent