Get to know the different kinds of event tents

Convenient shelters for any outdoor activities

Our weather is unpredictable, and by using a tent for your Denver outdoor event, your guests are sure to be out of the hot sun, out of the rain; warm, comfortable and dry, no matter what the weather decides to do. Pop-up & Party Canopies are convenient shelters for any event.

Types of Event Tents

When you are considering purchasing a party tent for an upcoming event, you need to be familiar with the different tent types that are available so that you can select one best suits your particular needs and budget. Here are the main categories available in the market:

Pop-up Party Tents are a convenient, inexpensive, and easy to provide shelter. These types of party tents are designed to be “pitched” without any tools. Instead, they use accordion-style framing. They are lightweight and compact. Take into account that they tend to be smaller in size, and are used for more temporary coverage. Because they are lightweight, they are not the suitable type of tent in windy weather.

Party Canopy

Party Canopy in Denver

Party Canopies, as the name implies, is the tent to have a party in (or under). Reliable, durable, affordable and easy, The Colorado Party Canopy is the perfect solution for any event or occasion. Its architectural fabric projection provides weather protection, identity, decoration; and is ground-supported in addition to being supported by the building to which the canopy is attached.

traditional pole tent slide

Pole tent

Pole-supported tent features a set of individual poles arranged beneath the fabric roof to support and define the shape of the structure. The fabric roof is tensioned over the poles and attached to ropes or cables at designated spots around the fabric’s edges. The ropes and cables are anchored to the ground using stakes, augers or weights around the perimeter of the tent. For this reason, we recommend they only be used on grass. These tents are extremely popular due to the elegant sweeping lines of the suspended ceiling.

Tension tents are supported by center and perimeter, poles as well as webbing and ratchets to create a tight look. Perfect for party tents, wedding tents, events and more. Featuring high, sculpted peaks and engineering to meet 90 mph wind loads, the tension tent will withstand the elements and look great doing it. Quality welded seams, and vinyl-covered webbing reinforces the graceful contours of the fabric, creating a smooth, tight surface that helps redirect the wind over and around the tent – not into it. It’s not often you can get elegance and durability in the same package.

tension tent

Tension tent

backyard tent

Frame tent








Frame tents are adamant tents that do not need center poles. They have an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allow for maximum use of interior space. Frame tents are installed using aluminum pipes to support the tent fabric. They are the perfect alternative to pole tents where opportunities for placing stakes in the ground are limited or where raising a center pole is either undesirable or not feasible. And, frame tents work well for indoor and outdoor installations. Their versatility and size make them perfect for 100 to 200-person events, catering operations, street fairs and sporting events.

If you need expert advice for event tents and fabric structures for industry, business, residential, and recreational use, keep informed in our blog to find out more about tent types, accessories and fabrics to meet your tent requirements.