Hosting an outdoor event in cold weather

How to throw a memorable outdoor winter party in Denver

Denver CoversHosting any event at any time of the year can be a challenge, but add winter weather into the formula and events can be dampened or shut down without careful planning.

Winter events in Denver can be cold and snowy, but you can help make them warm and cozy. Here are four easy tips you can incorporate to your event tent to help add warmth.

Tips for winter events under a tent

Cold months are not usually the time most people plan outdoor events unless they involve winter woolies and snowball fights. However, these months also mean Christmas and all kinds of holiday celebrations for all types of people from all types of beliefs. For this reason, parties or end-year activities under the cover of a specially designed event tent still allow you to include the beauty of the great outdoors.

Best advice for planning a winter event and keep guests comfortable

Christmas candles and snowy fir branches over white wooden background with lights

Build a magical atmosphere: You can decorate the interior with fairy lights, Christmas trees, baubles, banners, lanterns, light strings and snowflakes to make it even cozier.

Warm-up space: Fire elements will add heat to space, candles usually do the trick. But be careful when using real candles as you don’t want there to be any fire hazards. Other options include glowing lights strung overhead to create a warm and welcoming look. Or you can decorate with stringed light bulbs. Add a warm glow to your centerpieces by using yellow light and not “cold” or blue light. Take advantage of Christmas themes and add as many lights as you like!

Stick to a warm dress code: Make it casual and encourage guests to dress in warm clothes. Just make sure you adjust the inside temperature of the tent accordingly so you don’t go overboard and have everyone sweating inside.

cinnamon hot drinkMenu and holiday food: Winter is the perfect time to provide a hot chocolate bar with the works—marshmallows, whipped cream, peppermints, and custom stir sticks. Unique flavors that make your guests feel at home. Some ideas include a personalized ornament, custom mug, or toasty warm socks. Having the choice of spiced drinks with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon also warm you up inside.

Decor away: The great thing about event tents is that they can be easily decorated and customized. You decide what to add, so no two events are ever the same. It’s like a blank piece of paper, yours to draw. So have fun turning your tent into a magical winter wonderland perfect for a warm and cozy holiday party!


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