Guide to event tent accessories: stakes and anchors

Consider the tent accessories you may need BEFORE purchasing your tent

Event and party tents vary greatly in price and quality, reason why you should carefully consider the accessories and construction materials of a tent before purchasing it. Tent accessories range from items that are purely structural to ones that are designed to make using your tent more convenient. Today we are going to take a look at tent stakes, tent anchors and some extras.

Tent stakes and tent anchors

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Different types of tent stakes & anchors

There are numerous tent accessories and extras available, including tent stakes and tent anchors. Most event & party tents come with the equipment required to anchor them. But, there may be times when your installation requires stronger anchoring than the one provided by the stabilizers in your tent deal. In addition, you might also need to buy replacements periodically since anchors endure pretty rigorous weather.

Use our tent accessory guide to learn about them:

Stakes – Tent stakes usually come with your party tent. They are extremely easy to use and suitable for many types of terrain. For example, the angle irons work in most conditions; the heavier duty steel hook tent stakes are better suited for rocky or hard surfaces. You can usually find them in sets, although it is possible to buy them individually.

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Tent stakes

Anchors – Tent anchors provide a stronger hold than stakes because you have to twist them to get them into the ground. This makes anchors a good to choice if your tent will be exposed to high winds. Some tents already come with anchors so be sure to ask what yours includes before ordering.

Weight Bags – Only available for pop-up tents. Weight bags rely additional weight rather than a physical connection to the ground to ensure your shelter’s stability. This makes weight bags the appropriate choice for almost any location. Using weight bags is as simple as attaching them to your canopy’s legs and filling them with sand or rocks. Their capacity varies, but most bags hold somewhere between fifteen and thirty pounds each.

Stake Caps – Stake caps are designed to make your tent’s stakes safer to store and handle. Caps may prevent injury from protruding tent stakes. To install, simply slip the stake cap right over the sharp end. They are usually available in sets.

Stake Pullers – A stake puller is a tool designed to remove tent stakes from the ground. There are manual models that allow you to pull out stakes with just few and quick pumps of a handle as well as gas-powered ones that do all of the work for you. These are particularly helpful if you’ve got a large tent, for example a big tension tent.

Ratchet Sets – Ratchets are used in place of your party tent’s ropes. They’re much easier to work with than ropes and, because they can be tightened by a single person, will save a lot of time during set-up. Plus, they can also help reduce the number of wrinkles in your canopy’s top because they provide greater tension during set-up.

Quality materials, attention to detail and easy installation are key players for your tent safety.

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Perfect tent anchoring

In today’s market, safety is a key element in any event or party tent installation, and according to the IFAI, more stringent codes will be commonplace within the near future. All over Denver you will find many options for buying event tents. So make sure you get an expert team who can advise on the size, type of anchoring and tent accessories needed.