Custom Made Sewing Products in Colorado

At Denver Covers we can do all kinds of custom sewing products for your home, commercial or industrial project, just tell us what you want and we will manufacture it. With our custom sewing services in Colorado we provide innovative and creative solutions for all your sewing needs in Denver like bags, covers, tarps, curtains, wind screens and just about anything else you can think of that requires custom sewing manufacturing.

Our custom sewing products are designed to resist all weather conditions and to last for many years with the highest quality products in the market, made right here in Colorado by real people who custom cut, sew and assemble each of our products.

We manufacture our sewing products in Colorado using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and when we resell from our trusted suppliers, our knowledgeable sales team will be your expert to guide you through your needs and budget. As with everything we do, we will take the extra mile to ensure the best quality fabrics, sewing and hardware.

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Custom Sewing Services for the Colorado Community

Denver Covers was born from a need from customers like you that require high-quality custom sewing products. We have partnered with Denver Tent Company to make available event tents, custom sewing and shade structures to mention a few products. The Denver Tent Company had moved away from Event Tents and Custom work, this is where Denver Covers comes in. We saw the need and formed Denver Covers to pass on the tradition of quality and workmanship for products that Denver Tent no longer had available.


Contact us at Phone Number: 720-374-9000, or write to us at the email: We are located in 5005 Ironton St, Denver, CO 80239. Our professional sales staff is standing by and willing to answer all your questions and concerns to help you make a smart buy with us!