Color options for outdoor event tents

White is not your only option in event tents!

You don’t have to go with plain shades or a simple white. Consider buying or renting a tent with colors. Options include solid colors and the “good old” stripes that can be red, green or blue. Plus canvas color is you’re more into hunting and glamping than events. And because we custom make our tents, you can ask us for our many options in sizes or just order the measures you need.

Colored tents in Denver

The tent fabric combined with a frame, pole kit, and stakes will create a complete tent.

Frame tents

HP trilogy

Frame type tents are ideal for use as an overhead shelter for festivals, weddings, backyard parties, major corporate events, and other industrial tent and commercial tent uses.

Pole tents

Pole tents are the most popular style of commercial tent for all sorts of uses from party tent to disaster relief tents, revival tents, weddings, private parties, trade shows, and corporate gatherings. They are extremely portable making them a perfect option if you are looking for a big party tent but have limited means of transporting it.

High peak tension tents

20x20 Ohenry interiorHigh peak tents are commonly used for weddings and other events where an elegant look is desired. They are a convenient solution where the installation is expected to be long term. High peak tent’s design presents many desirable advantages over traditional pole type tents or frame tents. They have high resistance to the wind and exceptional drainage due to the steep pitch.

Custom printed tents

Custom printed event tents make it easy for you to get high visibility for your business, brand, and sports team or community group at outdoor events, while protecting you, your visitors, and your goods!

Digital Printed Canopies

Custom pop ups in Denver

A digitally printed canopy is an excellent way for your branding to be displayed in outdoor venues. The canopy peaks and balances are printed and can have 100% coverage. Printed canvas walls and rail skirts can be added to heighten your impact or to help provide protection from the elements.

The event tents that are available these days are uniquely designed to suit the moods and tastes of different people buying them. So, wait no more, buy a tent today for your next event!