All you need to know about event tent sidewalls

Get protection from external elements

When it comes to buying a tent for your big event, every discerning host considers the type of tent to select, but the selection should not stop at the ceiling or the fabric. The walls are just as important as other parts of the tent. Sidewalls are a must-have functional element that protect the inside inclement weather like heat, cold, rain and wind. But do you know which sidewall to choose for your particular tent?

Tent sidewalls styles

The kind of sidewall you use depends on two main factors, the time of the year and the type of event you will hold. The majority of party tents are available with sidewalls, sometimes sold as a tent accessory and can be customized to match the tent top or the overall form of the shade structure. Note that not all sidewalls are compatible or interchangeable with all tents. Fortunately, there are various options available to suit every host’s sense of style.

event frame tentsClear sidewalls

They will protect your guests from the elements while still maintaining some of the open tent feel that you are probably hoping for.

Cathedral sidewalls

These white pieces with their arched-paned windows can be used to simulate a house or ballroom quite efficiently. Combined with other types of sidewalls, like the solid white, will create unique tent looks.

Mesh or screen sidewall – Get the breeze without the bugs! Mesh sidewalls are designed to allow air flow while keeping out unwelcome guests that feel like buzzing into your party.

frame tentSolid white sidewalls

Use them to create privacy, hide unsightly equipment, create divisions, or block the view to something unattractive outside.

Adding sidewalls to your tent can significantly enhance the internal and external appearance. They can also make your guests more comfortable and their experience more memorable and can substantially improve the view, allow airflow and natural light, protect against insects, regulate temperature and create an extra special mood.

So, match these functional pieces to your tent and enhance the guests experience!

60x90 red tent