5 Tips to Add Warmth to your Outdoor Winter Event

With a few creative ideas and expert help, you can entertain outdoors all year long!

As the temperatures continue to drop in Denver and all over Colorado, you may be tempted to eliminate the use of your event tent for the outdoors. We suggest you put in back on your list for your Holiday Season from your event planning. While there won’t be fireflies and the scent of fresh cut grass around, there are still plenty of good reasons to entertain outdoors in Winter!

These 5 easy tips will help you add warmth to your Winter Wedding, Company Event or backyard party this season:

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1- Use Your Event Tent all Winter Long

Event tents can provide an “outdoor-but-comfy” feeling to your party or business event, even in the Denver cold. Whether you use a tent with windows to let in natural light and help warm and illuminate the tent during the day. For an evening activity, a windowless tent adorned with plenty of stringed lights and lampposts can create the feeling of warmth and comfort.

2- Rent Heaters for Your Tent

This is an excellent way to make sure there’s a warm atmosphere in your event so that your guests don’t freeze. Most tent materials will hold the heat inside, so you may even need to vent some of the heat once the party gets going!

Also, placing patio or mushroom heaters (due to their shape) outside near important spots, such as the venue’s entrance (especially if they have to wait in a line to get in), or an outer corner of your event’s location where your guests might be mingling, is a perfect solution.

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3- Add the candle effect

Don’t ignore the impact that the warm glowing light of candles can have to increase the cozy effect. Glowing lighting strung overhead can create a warm and welcoming look.

4- Adapt the layout of the sitting arrangement and the type of furniture to be used

Placing your sitting arrangement or outdoor furniture in a way that allows for groups of 2 or more people to gather in the same place, helps to keep and share body heat. So allow for spaces to gather and provide plenty of table-top space for guests to set their drinks. No one wants to be holding a cold drink with a chill in the air!

5- Choose the food and drinks wisely

Paying attention to this last but significant detail can go a long way in the success of your outdoor winter event! Get creative with the food and drinks you are offering. You can serve your menu at separate stations, i.e. appetizers, main course, and dessert stations, and consider warm foods for each service area. Hint: hot chocolate and chili!

Hot meals for outdoor winter events

Entertaining in cold weather takes a few extra steps of preparation, but it’s worth the effort, and your guests will admire and appreciate the invitation to go out instead of staying in at home watching TV!